Industrial PC

Industrial PCs or "embedded PCs" are used, among other things, in the control of manufacturing plants, in quality control, in building automation, in all kinds of vehicles, and in AI applications.

Rugged embedded

Embedded in harsh environments industrial PCs must deal with lots of challenges.

Car PC

High performance, shock and vibration resistance, ignition control, certified for mobile use.

AI / GPU Computing

Extremely high performance even in harsh environments due to graphics card support.

Low Power

Good performance with low power consumption and minimal space requirements.

Extendable Industrial PC

PCs with various expansion-card interfaces to increase functionality to your needs.

Image processing

Edge AI computers with camera hubs for video analytics with NVIDIA Jetson / Xavier / Orin

As Industrial PCs are embedded in their environments, the terms "Embedded PC" and "Edge PC" have also become established. They are in or close to the center of action. This shortens latency times for data transfer and improves data security compared to centralized or cloud computing.

Their environment also demands a lot from them, namely mechanical robustness, insensitivity to dust and moisture, and resistance to shocks and vibrations. Another fundamental difference to office PCs is their long-term availability. This ensures the functionality of durable capital goods.

Rapidly increasing computing power allows the use of Industrial PCs in AI applications, for example in autonomous driving. Top-class Industrial PCs are capable of "graphical computing", i.e. computing on graphics cards (GPU computing: (General Purpose) Computation on Graphics Processing Unit).

The range of applications of Industrial PCs is expanding more and more, including research and development, business, public administration, and healthcare.