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Neousys Cable 10pin, Remote control Nuvo-3000/5000, 1m Cable 10pin, Remote control Nuvo-3000/5000, 1m
1 WDT- [Output] Watchdog timer display, flashes at watchdog 2 WDT + Timer is started 3 Power [Output] state System power indicator, lights up with DC power 4 State Power + Power is applied 5 HDD [Output] hard disk indicator, flashes at SATA 6 HDD- [Output] hard disk is active 7 Power- [Output] System power indicator, when the system is on 8 Power + on, off when the system is...
Price on request
Cable-S68MM-100 Kabel Cable-S68MM-100
Cable-S68MM-100, SCSI-68(M) to SCSI-68(M), cable 1 meter
Price on request
Neousys Cable-S68MM-300 Kabel Cable-S68MM-300
Cable-S68MM-300 SCSI-68(M) to SCSI-68(M) cable 3meters MOQ 10
Price on request
Neousys DIN4 Kabel Ansicht 1 DIN4 Cable
NUVO- KaToM pin layout (115cm length)
Price on request
Mounting kit for a DINRAIL.
Price on request
DINRAIL mounting Kit for POC-100/POC-200
Price on request
Neousys MezIO-C180/ C181 Platine MezIO-C180/ C181

Productfeatures Neousys MezIO-C180 / C181

  •          4x RS-232/422/485 multi-mode ports
  •          4x RS-232 ports (C180) or 4x RS-422/485 ports (C181)
  •          Up to 921.6 Kbps baud rate
  •          BIOS configurable mode / termination settings
  •          Supports Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10
  •          SCSI-II 68-pin connector
Price on request
Neousys MezIO-D230/ D220 Platine MezIO-D230/ D220

Productfeatures Neousys MezIO-D2207230

  •     16-CH isolated DI (D230) or 8-ch isolated DI (D220)
  •     16-CH isolated DO (D230) or 8-ch isolated DO (D220)
  •     2500 Vrms isolation voltage
  •     Up to 24V DC operation for DI and DO
  •     Up to 500 mA sink current on DO channel
  •     SCSI-II 68-pin connector
Price on request
Neousys MezIO-G4/ G4P Platine MezIO-G4/ G4P

Productfeatures Neousys MezIO-G4P / G4

  •     4x Gigabit Ethernet ports
  •     Compatible with 802.3at PoE + (MezIO-G4P)
  •     Support of 9.5 KB jumbo frames
Price on request
Neousys MezIO-R10-R11 Platine MezIO-R10/R11

Productfeatrues Neousys MezIO-R10/R11

  •     Accommodates one 2.5” SATA HDD/ SSD
  •     One full-size mini-PCIe port with SIM socket
Price on request
Neousys MezIO-U4-30/ 50 MezIO-U4-30/ 50

Productfeatures Neousys MezIO-U4-30 / 50

  •     4 x USB 3.1 ports
  •     independent Renesas μPD720202 host controllers
  •     Up to 5 Gbit / s per port (MezIO-U4-50)
  •     Supports up to 900 mA per port
Price on request
Neousys MezIO-V20 Platine MezIO-V20

Productfeatures Neousys MezIO-V20

  •     Ignition power control
  •     With 16 predefined on / off delay modes
  •     Ultra-low 12 mA ignition-off standby power
  •     Advanced of ignition control features
  •     Low-battery protection
  •     Guarded power-on / power-off delay duration
  •     System hard-off
  •     BIOS POST check
  •     Supports 12V DC (small vehicle) and 24V DC (bus / truck) vehicles
Price on request
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