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About us

OMTEC Vertriebs GmbH is one of the leading companies in the field of industrial computers.

Outstanding products, an experienced customer service and efficient collaboration characterize this company.

Managing Director Olaf Mergili attaches the utmost importance to satisfied customers, for which he uses all his strength and know-how. Mr. Mergili is supported by his highly professional and motivated employees, who have written themselves on the flag: "The best for the customer".

Of course that requires empathy ... the basic idea is a "WE".

What we do:

  • We consider holistically, so that we can meet all technical requirements and inspire with our know-how and additional services
  • Our understanding of detail begins with a "we-together" mindset, completely integrative approaches and communication through communication, respectively dialogue.
  • We have vision so that we can meet technical requirements with competence and inspire you.
  • Customer-oriented, because we understand the requirements and provide them targeted to individual needs, be it technical or service
  • We act success-oriented. This ensures for you as a customer an investment and planning security with simultaneous economic success for all participants.
  • Quality is paramount, by constantly monitoring the products and optimizing the processes, we want to maintain and develop this high standard.