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Productfeatures NODKA TPC6000-A081

  •     Magnesium alloy die-casting, surface using PET film
  •     IP65 front panel
  •     Onboard Intel®Atom™ D2550 dual-core processor
  •     2 RTL8111E10/100/1000Mbps RJ45port
  •     4 USB2.0 ports rear, with electrostatic protection 8KV
  •     6 Rs232 serial ports(COM5, COM6 optional 485)
  •     DC 9~30V
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  • TPC6000-A081
Fanless 8 inch panel PC from NODKA with touchscreen, ideally suited for a wide variety of... more
Product information "TPC6000-A081"

Fanless 8 inch panel PC from NODKA with touchscreen, ideally suited for a wide variety of industrial applications.

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Available downloads:
System CPU:Onboard Intel®Atom™ D2550 dual-core processor(TDP6.5W),1.86GHZ... more
  • CPU:Onboard Intel®Atom™ D2550 dual-core processor(TDP6.5W),1.86GHZ Secondary cache 1M
  • Chipset:Intel NM10(TDP2.1W)
  • Memory:DDR3 2GB/4GB/8GB memory
  • Disk:Support SATA 2.5"SSD、HDD and mSATA
  • Display:Intel GMA3600 512MB shared video memory, supports DVI and VGA
  • OS:WinXP/WinXPE/WIN7/WES7/Linux
I/O port
  • LAN:2 RTL8111E10/100/1000Mbps RJ45 port
  • Expansion:1 Mini-PCIe slots, scalable 3G, Wifi wireless card
  • USB:4 USB2.0 ports rear, with electrostatic protection 8KV
  • COM:6 Rs232 serial ports(COM5, COM6 optional 485)
  • Speaker:Built-in small Speaker
  • Watchdog:Programmable from 1 to 255 seconds
  • Other I/O:Power switch, DC IN, VGA, DVI
Institutions and power
  • Front Panel:Aluminum-magnesium alloy die-casting, cover with PET film, IP65 degree of protection
  • Box structure:High-strength sheet metal structure, high temperature paint handling
  • Mounting:Supports Panel and VESA mounting
  • Cooling mode:Large area designed finned heat sinks
  • Overall dimensions:236×188×69 mm(W×H×D)
  • Box Size:216×168×63 mm(W×H×D)
  • Cut Out Size:219×171 mm(W×H)
  • Weight:2.8kg
  • Size:8"XGA TFT LCD
  • Max Resolution:800×600
  • Maximum color:262K
  • Display area:162×121.5mm
  • Reaction time:15ms
  • Backlight:LED
  • Backlit MTBF:30,000H
  • Brightness:250cd/sqm
  • Contrast Ratio:500:1
  • Lattice:0.264 x 0.264
  • Viewing Angle:(H)140/(V)120
Touch Screen
  • Model:8-inch five-wire analog resistive temperature
  • Resolution:4096×4096
  • Reaction time:
  • Surface hardness:3H
  • Click life:250g efforts, 35 million times
  • Draw life:250g efforts, 5 million times
  • Transmittance:More than 81%
Power and Environmental
  • Operating Temp.:0~+50℃ (Electronic disk)
  • Storage Temp.:-30~+70℃
  • Operating Humidity:10~95%,Non-condensing
  • Vibration:50~500Hz,1.5G,0.15mm Peak to peak
  • Shock:10G/peak(11ms sec)
  • Power input:DC12V
  • Consumption:16watt
  • Download PDF Datasheet NODKA TPC6000-A081

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