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Neousys Nuvo-2700DS Launch

Die Industrie PC der Nuvo-2700DS-Serie eignen sich hervorragend für das Controlling interaktiver Medien.

Vorstellung des Neousys NRU-110V

Wir beleuchten den NRU-110V von Neousys mit acht(!) Kameraschnittstellen für Fahrassistenz-Systeme, Autonomes Fahren und Roboting bei schwierigen Lichtverhältnissen.

Leistungsstarke Industrie-PC mit zwei Grafikkarten

Unter Gamern umstritten, für professionelle Anwendungen in Industrie und Forschung aber mit entscheidendem Geschwindigkeitsvorteil: die 2. Grafikkarte. Darauf ausgelegte Industrie-PC jetzt bei omtec.de.

Neousys GPU platforms now support RTX30 series

Artificial Intelligence implemented on compact PCs; this option is provided by the GPU computing platforms of Industrial PC manufacturer Neousys.

Video: Neousys industrial PC in an aquarium

Neousys sinks an IP67 industrial PC from their SEMIL-series in an aquarium.

Neousys presents the POC-400 Series

The POC-400 from Neousys Technology impresses with smallness in two ways: Its dimensions of 56 x 108 x 153 mm and the new Intel Elkhart 10nm technology.

Neousys Nuvo-7162GC Release

The Nuvo-7162GC systems are robust platforms with superior system longevity for industrial AI applications such as image processing and automation.

Neousys SEMIL-1000 Series

The SEMIL garnered Neousys' technology in the past decade, it aims to fulfill situations where standard embedded solutions can no longer meet environmental demands while maintaining COTS availability.

Neousys Box-PC Expansion Series

Neousys offers the most comprehensive portfolio of expandable box-PC in the
market with numerous configurations of PCIe/PCI slots and CPUs.

Neousys announces Nuvo-2700DS

Neousys Technology, one of the world's leading manufacturers of Industrial PCs, has announced the release of the Nuvo-2700DS later this year. The device is directed towards the visual presentation of information and entertainment in public places.

Creation X introduces Neousys POC-212 including power measurement

Mini-PCs often run 24/7, e.g. for IoT or network applications in general.

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