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Product features Neousys IGT-21

  •         ARM-based system in industrial quality
  •         With pre-installed Debian
  •         Compact size, designed for wireless gateway
  •         CAN bus for vehicle communication (IGT-21 only)
  •         Wide temperature range from -25 ℃ to 70 ℃
  •         8 to 25 V DC wide-range input
  •         Rich local I / Os
  •         USIM slot, USB, 10 / 100M LAN
  •         RS-232/422/485 interface.
  •         Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT
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Neousys IGT-21 is an ARM-based fanless in-vehicle communication IoT and IIoT gateway (Internet... more
Product information "IGT-21"

Neousys IGT-21 is an ARM-based fanless in-vehicle communication IoT and IIoT gateway (Internet of Things). In contrast to System on Module (SoM), which is usually provided as a barebone component, IGT-21 is based on AM3352 from the Sitara AM335x family from Texas Instrument and is delivered as a finished system with pre-installed Debian. The industrial nature of IGT-20 means that the usual industrial certifications such as CE / FCC, shock and vibration are met. Another difference IGT-20 differs from SoM is that it accepts a wider range of power supply inputs between 8 and 25 VDC (SoM usually accepts 5 VDC).

As an in-vehicle communication IoT gateway, the IGT-21 has I / Os that can be used for a range of industrial-quality sensors. It has a USB2.0, a 10 / 100M-LAN, two configurable COM ports (RS-232/422/485) and an optional CAN bus port. In addition to the connections mentioned, there are 4 integrated isolated digital input channels that accept discrete signals from various sensors or buttons / switches. There are also four integrated isolated digital output channels for controlling actuators and displays.

In terms of communication, the IGT-21 has a mini PCIe slot and a USIM bracket, with which it can record data and the system status in the vehicle via 3G, 4G or WiFi (mini PCIe WiFi module) to the Vehicle communication (V2V) transmits. There is an opening on the IGT-21 in which users can attach the SMA connector of the radio module. In terms of storage capacity, the IGT-21 has two microSDHC slots, one internal and one external. This design enables users to separate system / user data and accelerate the deployment of the operating system for mass production. As a gateway, users can use six programmable status LED indicators and two control buttons to operate IGT-21 without a keyboard / mouse.

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System Core Processor TI Sitara AM3352 1GHz Processor Memory 1GB DDR3L SDRAM... more
System Core
Processor TI Sitara AM3352 1GHz Processor
DC Input Range 8~25V DC
Panel I/O Interface
Ethernet 1x 10/100M
SD Card 1x external microSDHC slot
SIM Card 1x external SIM socket
USB 1x USB2.0
Isolated DIO 4-CH isolated DI and 4-CH isolated DO
Console 1x RS-232
User LEDs 6x user programmable LEDs
User Buttons 2x user programmable buttons
Top I/O Interface
DC-in 1x DC-input
Power Button 1x power button
Reset Button 1x reset button
Serial Port 2x software configurable RS-232/422/485
Antenna Hole 1x antenna hole for Wifi and 3G/LTE
Internal I/O Interface
mPCIe 1x full size mPCIe with SIM holder, USB 2.0 only
SD Card 1x internal microSDHC slot
Operating System Debian 8 pre-installed
Dimension 41mm(W) x 77mm(D) x 104mm(H)
Weight 0.4 Kg
Mounting DIN-Rail mounting
Operating Temperature -25°C ~ 70°C *
Vibration 5Grms
Shock 50Grms
EMC CE/FCC Class A, according to EN 55022, EN55032 & EN 55024

* For sub-zero operating temperature, a wide temperature microSD is required.
  • Download PDF Neousys IGT-20/21 Datasheet

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