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Productfeatures LEXCOM KaToM-TT3I847D

  • Embedded Intel® Gen 3rd, Celeron® 1047UE, i3, i7 processor
  • Intel® Panther Point (PCH) HM76 Chipset
  • -20°C to +60°C fanless design
  • VGA & HDMI independent display
  • 5 x Intel GbE, 7 x USB, 2 x COM, mSATA, SATA, I2C
  • 12V DC input
  • 2 x full size mini card for PCIe / mSATA / USB
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Product information "KaToM-TT3I847D"
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MODEL 3I847NM / 3I847NX / 3I847D CPU Type Intel Ivy Bridge Celeron 1047UE... more
MODEL 3I847NM / 3I847NX / 3I847D
CPU Type Intel Ivy Bridge Celeron 1047UE 1.4 GHz ; Support i3 / i7 CPU
MB Chipset Intel Panther Point (PCH) HM76
Graphics Intel Mobile Ivy Bridge 1047UE Processor Integrated Graphics DirectX* Video Acceleration (DXVA)
support for accelerating video processing; Display Interface: CRT, HDMI & LVDS
System Memory On board DDR3 2GB / 4GB
SATA 2 x SATA ports
Audio High Definition Audio Specification, Support Line-out, Mic-in for 3I847NM / NX ;
optional for 3I847D
LAN 1 x Intel 10 / 100 / 1000 Mbps ; 4 x PoE LAN for 3I847NM/NX
5 x Intel GbE for 3I847D
LVDS/Touch Screen Dual Ch 18 / 24 Bit LVDS ; USB touch screen controller for 3I847NM/NX
IO Function 1 x RS232 ; 1 x RS485
7 x USB (2 x USB 2.0 internal)
(2 x USB 3.0 internal)
(3 x USB 2.0 external)
HDMI 1 x HDMI support resolution 1920 x 1200
SIM card 1 x SIM card socket (Option to mini card PCIe)
DIO & WDT Hardware digital Input & Output, 8 x DI / 8 x DO
Hardware Watch Dog Timer, 0~255 sec programmable
for 3I847NM / NX ; optional for 3I847D
Expansion Interface 2 x PCIe Mini card for PCIe / mSATA / USB interface
Power Wide Range DC IN +9V~+36V, CPC-Car Power Control for 3I847NM
Wide Range DC IN +9V~+36V for 3I847NX, On board DC IN +12V for 3I847D
Dimension 146 x 102 mm (3.5 inch)
Operation Temperature -20°C ~ 70°C
Operation Humidity 5 ~ 95%, non-condensing
Expansion GPS, IEEE1394, 3G, Bluetooth, WI-FI, I/O
Chassis Twitter , Tiger for 3I847NM/D/NX
Panel PC for 3I847NM/NX
  • Download PDF Datasheet LEXCOM KaToM-TT31847D

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