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Neousys PCIe-USB381F Platine

Productfeatures Neousys PCIe-USB381F

  •     x4 PCI Express® Gen2 interface (2GB/s total bandwidth)
  •     8x USB 3.1 Gen1 ports by 4x Fresco FL1100SX xHCI controllers
  •     Onboard 5VDC regulated power supply
  •     No external power needed
  •     User-configurable 900mA and 1800mA current limit
  •     Software-programmable per-port power on/off control
  •     Supports Windows 7/10 operating systems
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  • PCIe-USB381F
  • Neousys
Neousys PCIe-USB381F is an industrial-grade 8-port USB 3.1 Gen1 (formerly USB 3.0) frame... more
Product information "PCIe-USB381F"

Neousys PCIe-USB381F is an industrial-grade 8-port USB 3.1 Gen1 (formerly USB 3.0) frame grabber/ host adapter card for machine vision applications. Featuring x4 PCI Express Gen2 interface and four Fresco FL1100SX xHCI controllers, PCIe-USB381F can provide up to 400MB/s sustained data transfer rate per port with four USB3 cameras operating simultaneously, or provide a total bandwidth of 1600MB/s when eight cameras are plugged in.

All eight USB ports of PCIe-USB381F are accessible on the faceplate for easy cabling. Each port can deliver standard 900mA regulated 5V output to power USB3 cameras or user-configurable 1800mA output via onboard jumpers for devices that require higher power consumption. It also supports software-programmable per-port power on/off control to reset cameras or other devices for fault recovery.

The steady 400 MB/s data throughput satisfies the bandwidth requirement of most off-the-shelf industrial USB3 cameras. Pairing reliable 5 VDC power output and per-port on/off control, PCIe-USB381F can benefit a variety of vision-related applications such as machine vision, factory automation and medical imaging.

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Available downloads:
USB Ports 8x USB 3.1 Gen1 ports, compatible with USB 2.0/ 1.1/ 1.0 USB... more
USB Ports
  • 8x USB 3.1 Gen1 ports, compatible with USB 2.0/ 1.1/ 1.0
USB Connectors
  • 8x panel-accessible Type-A USB3 connectors
Bus Interface
  • 4-lanes, Gen2 PCI Express interface, compliant with PCI Express Base Specification Revision 2.0
USB3 Host Controller
  • 4x Fresco FL1100SX host controllers, compliant with Intel® xHCI Specification Revision 1.0
Per-Port Current Limit
  • User-configurable 900mA/ 1800mA per-port current limit
Power Requirement
  • Maximal 2.0 A@ 3.3V from PCI Express bus
  • Maximal 5.5 A@12V from PCI Express bus for all connected USB devices
Operating Temperatur
  • 0 ~ 60°C with ambient airflow
  • 117.7 mm (W) x 111.2 mm (H)
  • Download PDF Datasheet Neousys PCIe-USB381F

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